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Expert Electric Fireplace Installation in Monticello, MN From DJs Home Services

Professional Electric Fireplace Installation and Repair Services Near You in Monticello

Adding an electric fireplace to your Monticello, MN home offers the benefits of a wood-burning or gas-using fireplace but without all the added hassle. While many homeowners may opt for a DIY route when it comes to installing or replacing an electric fireplace, it’s best to leave it to the experts at DJs Home Services instead. Installing an electric fireplace requires a specific skill set, equipment, and expertise that the DJs Home Services pros are certified and trained to complete efficiently. Additionally, if your electric fireplace is not working properly, DJs Home Services are the trusted certified electricians in the (763) 220-1721 area for all electric fireplace repairs. No matter the issue, DJs Home Services has you covered on all Professional Electric Fireplace Installation and Repair Services.

Call us at (763) 220-1721 to speak with one of our friendly Customer Service Representatives who will be able to answer any questions you may have and assist you in scheduling an electric fireplace installation or repair. Ready to schedule a service appointment now? Schedule with DJs Home Services online to get started today!

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Is your electric fireplace experiencing issues? DJs Home Services is the trusted name in Monticello, MN Electric Fireplace installation services near you. Schedule your electric fireplace installation and replacement cost estimate service today and ensure your fireplace is running smoothly!

Benefits of Professional Electric Fireplace Installation Services from DJs Home Services

With so many different models and options available on the market for fireplaces, it can be overwhelming deciding which is right for your Monticello, MN home. Electric fireplaces offer a host of benefits and advantages over other more traditional options, such as wood-burning and gas-using fireplaces. Some of the top Professional Electric Fireplace Installation benefits include:

  • Zero Smoke in Your Monticello, MN Home:  Anyone who is familiar with traditional fireplaces understands how much smoke they emit, even if seemingly through a chimney. Inhaling smoke from burning wood that produces dangerous fumes containing carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide is not exactly great for your health. Electric fireplaces produce the same effect of a wood-burning fireplace but without all of the smoke staining your furniture and lungs. Call DJs Home Services to get started on your home improvement project today.
  • Save Money:  Electric fireplaces can heat your Monticello, MN home just as efficiently, if not more, as traditional or gas-using fireplaces. Most electric fireplaces actually utilize LED lighting which is considered to be highly energy efficient, saving you money in the long run. Additionally, electric fireplaces reduce the cost of wood and/or gas bills, and can even help reduce your monthly heating bill as well. Lastly, because electric fireplaces can be installed virtually anywhere, the installation cost is significantly lower than wood-burning or gas-powered fireplaces.  Learn more about the additional benefits of electric fireplaces and energy efficiency by contacting DJs Home Services today.
  • Quick and Easy Installation:  Because electric fireplaces are so versatile and easy to install, they can be installed pretty much anywhere in your Monticello, MN home at a fraction of the cost of other alternatives. Beyond the cost savings, having an electric fireplace installed by DJs Home Services will leave you with little to no mess afterwards, as well. Call DJs Home Services to schedule a Professional Electric Fireplace Installation and Repair Service today!
  • Low Maintenance:  Another great advantage of electric fireplaces over their traditional counterparts is that they require very little maintenance. You won’t have to worry about chopping logs, tending to the fire, or having your chimney cleaned every year. Electric fireplaces allow you to enjoy all the benefits of a fireplace without any of the added hassle.
  • Extended Lifespan:  Because electric fireplaces are not combustible, they will not rust or corrode. An electric fireplace should last you decades before needing an upgrade. Gas fireplaces and wood-burning fireplaces frequently run into many problems and sometimes, even need to be replaced, all of which will cost you additional money at the end of the day. Learn more about the benefits of Professional Electric Fireplace Installation and Repair Services by calling DJs Home Services today.
  • Year-Round Usage:  While many Monticello, MN homeowners utilize their fireplaces for warmth, many choose to use them for the ambiance or aesthetic boost instead. With an electric fireplace, you can use it year-round, even in the summer, without the heating element on. This can enhance your home, making it feel more warm and inviting but, without making it too physically hot. This way, you can get more use out of your dollar, as you can utilize your fireplace all year long.
  • A Safer Alternative:  Lastly, if you have kids or pets in your Monticello, MN home, you may be hesitant to add a fireplace for safety reasons. Fortunately, homes with children and pets are a great candidate for electric fireplaces as they provide all the benefits of a traditional fireplace, without any of the safety concerns. Schedule your Professional Electric Fireplace Installation Service with DJs Home Services and get started on your home improvement journey today!

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Is your home’s Fireplace experiencing issues? DJs Home Services is the trusted name in Monticello, MN HVAC Installation services near you.

What is the average cost of installing an electric fireplace?

The average cost of installing an electric fireplace in your [Trade Area] home will depend on a variety of factors with the main one being what model of electric fireplace you want to have installed. Electric fireplace models can range in price quite drastically. The best way to determine a more accurate cost of electric fireplace installation is by calling the pros at DJs Home Services to get a free price estimate for your Professional Electric Fireplace Installation and Repair Service.

Can you install an electric fireplace yourself?

While it is possible to install some models of electric fireplaces yourself, it is always best to leave it to the pros at DJs Home Services instead. Our team of certified electricians have all of the necessary skill sets, tools, and equipment that is needed to efficiently install an electric fireplace that the average homeowner likely does not have access to. Call the experts at DJs Home Services today to learn more about Professional Electric Fireplace Installation and Repair Services for your Monticello home.

Do electric fireplaces need a chimney?

One of the greatest advantages of an electric fireplace over its wood-burning counterpart is that they do not require a chimney upon installation. If you are looking to add an electric fireplace to your Monticello home, call DJs Home Services today to learn more about our Professional Electric Fireplace Installation and Repair Services!

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