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What Cost Factors are Involved in Installing a New Sewer Line?

There can be many cost factors involved when it comes to installing a new sewer line for your home. The sewer line into your home is a crucial component of your Monticello, MN home plumbing system. Installing a new sewer line, even replacement of a partial line, can be very expensive. Therefore, it’s important to know the cost factors involved:

Permit requirements.

Often municipalities, cities, or counties will require that the homeowner obtain a permit in order to install or replace a sewer line. DJs Home Services is able to help you through this process if you call today!


Whether or not your main sewer line is difficult to access has a big impact on cost. If your access point is beneath concrete, a trunk, etc. then excavation to access the main line will be costly and add a large sum to the total installation cost. That said, most main sewer lines have accessible access points with minimal excavation required.

Length of line replacement.

If your Monticello, MN home is further from the city sewer system, the installation will be more costly. Conversely, if your home is closer to the city sewer system, installation will be less costly. Call DJs Home Services today for a sewer line installation or replacement quote today!

Regardless of the problem, DJs Home Services sewer main line replacement and installation technicians will determine what needs to be addressed before any work is done, so you will know exactly what solution is best for your Monticello, MN home sewer line.

A look through pipes at more pipes.

Get the Trusted, Premier Sewer Line Installation and Replacement Experts You Deserve Near you in Monticello, MN

DJs Home Services offers a full complement of installation, maintenance, and repair that your home sewer line system may require, regardless of the season or the problem at hand. You can rely on the trusted technicians from DJs Home Services for their exceptional service and quality craftsmanship. Our plumbers are well versed in all drain and plumbing services your Monticello, MN home may require. Common sewer and drain services that our plumbers provide are:

  • Our drain technicians can perform a camera inspection of your main sewer line to find the cause of the backup.
  • Replace old or deteriorated sewer lines.
  • Replace old pipes without tearing up your yard by utilizing our trenchless repiping services.
  • Our rooter and/or hydro jetting services will remove clogs or roots from your main sewer line.
  • Our drain technicians can solve any clogged drain problems you may have.
    DJs Home Services is proudly and professionally serving the greater Monticello, MN area.

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Is your home’s Sewer Line experiencing issues? DJs Home Services is the trusted name in Monticello, MN HVAC Installation services near you.

How do you install a sewer line?

There are a few different ways to install or replace a sewer line for a home. Contact DJs Home Services today to have a professional sewer line technician out to your home to determine what the best installation method is for you!

How deep should a sewer line be buried?

Generally sewer lines are dug to be about six feet deep, but can vary depending on the project. Regardless, the experts at DJs Home Services know best how deep the sewer line at your Monticello, MN home needs to be.

What do you do if your sewer line is clogged?

If the sewer line for your Monticello, MN home is clogged you should contact the professionals at DJs Home Services to conduct a repair today! Our expert technicians will perform a sewer line inspection to locate the obstruction and then work with you to determine the best solution before any further work is done!

What should I expect during a sewer line installation?

The process typically starts with a plumber locating and exposing the existing sewer lines before they begin installing new ones. The old pipes will be cut away and removed, while new pipes will be laid down. Additionally, any necessary connections to other existing pipes must be made. Once all this is done, the area will be cleaned up and inspected.

What is involved in installing a new sewer line?

Installing a new sewer line involves digging trenches, connecting pipes, and testing drainage flow with special equipment. It also requires replacing old piping with approved materials and removing any debris from the area. Additionally, a professional contractor may need to install additional structures such as manholes and valves for further access and control of the system.

What type of maintenance is required after installation?

Once the new sewer line has been installed, it is important to keep an eye on its performance over time. Regular inspections should be performed every few years in order to check for any clogs or blockages that may need to be cleared. Additionally, it is important to have the lines flushed periodically in order to prevent clogs and backflow.

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